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One Google search; that’s all it takes nowadays to find a drug and alcohol treatment center. Whether it be for yourself or someone you know and love, finding a facility appears to be an easier task than it did, compared to just 10 years ago. Nevertheless, although we have the world at our fingertips today, when it comes to finding the right place for the addict in your life, one must be aware of a few things.

It has become front page news in several states and regions. Most of us have seen the clips on social media or across the bottom of our televisions. Shady and unethical treatment practices in Florida, Arizona, and California, among several others, has become the way for many to make a profit of what has become a deadly epidemic in our country. From patient brokering and recruiting, to kickbacks, to supplying drugs to young addicts already in treatment, the industry has become a place where many families fear sending their child.

Honestly, we can’t blame you. We understand your fear and hesitation. After hearing the overwhelming amount of stories of unscrupulous treatment providers, it can be very difficult to trust, or even know where to go from that point. Thus, in this article, we will discuss some red flags when researching drug rehabs and what points to look out for to determine whether a treatment center is legitimate or not.

Shady Or Generic Websites

Have you come across websites for treatment centers that are lacking the answers to many of your questions? Maybe there’s a few photos and a generic mission statement, possibly even a page or two on the services they provide. Other than that, there’s little to no information. This is definitely a red flag. Another thing to keep an eye out for is the address the treatment center provides. If you cannot find a physical location for their facility, there is definitely a problem with this. As a provider, it is our objective to give you as much information as possible, especially through a website, as this is usually the first step toward seeking treatment. We want you to know where it is that you are sending your loved one and we want you to feel comfortable and certain with that decision. Providing as many details as possible is where we start.

The Focus Isn’t On Clinical Care

Often times, it is easy for the user and family to get distracted on the services and amenities offered at a treatment center. Although many rehabs are being modernized and providing things they once did not, it is important to remember the primary purpose. It is not a vacation. Whether or not your loved one has their own room, access to tv and their cell phone, a swimming pool, equine therapy, and so on, is irrelevant to the treatment process. Yes, sometimes certain amenities and services can be a nice bonus to treatment, nevertheless, they are NOT treatment.

Furthermore, when an unscrupulous provider is attempting to make a quick buck, these are the things they use to entice the patient and/or family. For those of us who are working in the industry for the sole purpose of helping people, we understand the importance of clinical care. It is the bedrock to solid and ongoing recovery, and without it, the addict will surely suffer once more.

The Payment Of Treatment

A major red flag is the matter of facilities or their representatives assisting in the obtainment in health insurance coverage, offering scholarships, paying for flights to their facilities, or waiving large deductibles without even verifying insurance benefits. While sometimes financial agreements can be made and providers do what they can to assist in the burden of cost, when it is done to an excessive degree, there may be something else going on entirely. When you read the news reports of an unethical treatment center, often times they are being charged with insurance fraud, money laundering, or other schemes involving finances. By promising scholarships, free room and board, and waiving deductibles, these providers have another way to lure addicts and their families to their facilities.

Indirect Answers

Once again, it is a treatment center’s responsibility to provide both the user and their family with as much information as possible. If and when a provider is unable to answer questions that you may have, regarding services, treatment plans, aftercare, insurance, etc., this is a red flag. Take for instance you ask a counselor a question regarding your insurance policy and he/she is unable to answer it. That can happen quite often, due to the various departments and areas of expertise. Nevertheless, at that point, the counselor should direct you to someone who works in the insurance department. The same can happen if you ask an Admissions Specialist a question regarding what clinical tools will be utilized in treatment.

If and when no one in the facility is able to answer your questions, or they give you what appears to be roundabout answers, you should be concerned. Between the medical, clinical, and administrative staff, every question and concern should and could be answered. If this happens, the staffs’ qualifications could be lacking, if at all present.

Trust Your Gut

Sometimes it is as simple as trusting your intuition and gut. If you get an uneasy feeling about a treatment center, their staff, or services, it is okay to get a second opinion. It is also okay to ask more questions or research other facilities. It is important to remember that seeking drug and alcohol addiction help and finding the right treatment center can be a matter of life and death. Addiction is a fatal disease when not treated and cared for properly. Don’t ignore your intuition if you feel that something is “off.” Getting yourself or your loved one the help they need and deserve is of most importance and the first priority.

Unfortunately, we now live and work in an industry where some are more concerned with getting ahead and making money, even if that means putting others’ lives at risk. Doing your research and understanding the red flags of unethical providers is how to avoid putting yourself in a harmful situation.

Contact Clearbrook Treatment Center Today

Finding and knowing which treatment center is best for you or your family member can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. Nevertheless, there are many providers out there that want only to help the addicted person in your life.

For more than 40 years, Clearbrook Treatment Centers has been providing effective drug and alcohol treatment to suffering individual, while providing education and support to the affected family members. If you or someone you love is suffering from the disease of addiction and you’re not sure where to turn, give our Admissions Specialists a call today. We will be pleased to help answer any questions you may have about the ins-and-outs of drug treatment and the admissions process.




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