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Joint Commission Accreditation | Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Clearbrook Treatment Centers recently underwent its triannual accreditation survey, and as a leader in the treatment of chemical dependency, we are pleased to announce that we have once again received the nation’s highest level of accreditation by the Joint Commission.

Clearbrook’s CEO, Dr. Nicholas Colangelo, stated “Joint Commission Accreditation is focused on patient safety and quality treatment outcomes. This accreditation process is an integral part of our continuous efforts to sustain improvement with respect to patient safety and quality of care, treatment and services.”  Dr. Colangelo also noted that “Joint Commission Accreditation demonstrates our commitment to excellence in providing chemical dependency rehabilitation services at our inpatient treatment center”.

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that certifies and accredits nearly 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. This accreditation is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting performance and safety standards. Founded in 1951, the Joint Commission is the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. They strive to continuously improve health care for the public, by evaluating health care organizations and inspiring them to excel in providing safe and effective care at the highest quality and value.

Joseph Kane, LSW, Clearbrook’s Clinical Administrator, noted “the Accreditation process is a thorough on-site review of the quality and safety of care being provided.  We are committed to continuously meeting these rigorous national standards. The conclusion of the on-site survey is a validation of our efforts to continuously comply with The Joint Commission’s nationally developed standards.”

What Takes Place During An Accreditation Survey?

Director of Nursing, Christine Kendzor, RN, BSN, commented that “Our ongoing compliance with the National Patient Safety Goals was once again validated by the Joint Commission during this survey.  It is an audit of the actual delivery of critical services and patient care we provide on a daily basis.”

Surveyors visit accredited organizations every 39 months at minimum to evaluate the compliance of standards set forth. This visit and evaluation is always done at random and never announced to the organization beforehand, in order to best gauge the provider’s compliance with accreditation standards. Surveyors are trained professionals, ranging in various health care fields, including doctors, nurses, laboratory technologists, administrators, and so on. The Joint Commission is the only accrediting body that requires all of its surveyors to be certified.

During the time of the survey, the surveyors select patients at random and utilize the medical records provided as a roadmap. Also during this process, surveyors will examine the patient’s experience by speaking with doctors, nurses, counselors, administrators, or other staff that were involved in the case or had interacted with that particular patient. And lastly, surveyors will observe the health care providers’ interactions with current patients and speak to those patients first hand.

Clearbrook’s Vice President, Richard Conaboy Jr., emphasized “compliance with Joint Commission standards is the result of sound management practices in the day-to-day delivery of high quality care.  To be sure, staff involvement in the Accreditation process was vital to the success of our on-site survey because the tracer methodology focuses on the direct care of the patient.”

It Is A Day-To-Day Practice

Thomas Housenick, Vice President of Standards Compliance, stated “Joint Commission Accreditation is recognized nationally as the Gold Seal of Approval in health care.  The Joint Commission’s standards are very challenging and the survey is a customized, intensive review that verifies our compliance with those standards.  It is an independent audit of our ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement.  Management and staff take a great deal of pride in the care we provide.  Joint Commission Accreditation is a reflection of our commitment to the quality and safety our patients and their families have come to expect”.

Joint Commission accreditation does not begin and end with the on-site survey. It a practice that is continued throughout an organization’s day-to-day practices. Every time a counselor obtains written consent before contacting someone on behalf of a patient, or a doctor thoroughly reviews a patient’s history before prescribing a medication, or the Facilities Director organizes evacuation and fire drills, they are performing the standards compliance set out by the Joint Commission on a daily basis. Additionally, health care organizations are provided with a self-assessment tool to score and monitor their ongoing commitment to perform at the level in which the Joint Commission requires.

Facility Services Director, Kenneth Davis, observed “We work hard to keep the grounds attractive and safety is always our number one priority.  Our buildings, plant, and equipment are all maintained in accordance with National Fire Protection Codes and The Joint Commission’s standards.

Why The Joint Commission Accreditation Is Crucial

With alcoholism and drug addiction destroying the lives of countless Americans each year, effective, high-quality care is needed now more than ever. By receiving this accreditation, Clearbrook Treatment Centers assures the public that our priority is to continuously live up to our core mission and value of PATIENT’S COME FIRST. It is our goal to always act on the behalf and advocate for the best interest of the patient. The Joint Commission accreditation further demonstrates that priority, along with our dedication of maintaining the finest in-patient care to those suffering from chemical dependency.

Robert Piccone, M.S., President of Clearbrook summarized the Joint Commission Accreditation process by saying, “Achieving accreditation makes a strong statement about our organization’s efforts to provide the highest quality services.  We want the community to know that achieving accreditation is a high priority for Clearbrook.  It is a means of assuring the public that treatment at our facility complies with rigorous standards oversight”.

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