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Alcohol and drugs have a more intense effect after a brain injury. According to research, substance abuse, even in small amounts, further decreases cognitive and physical functioning. Because of the already existing memory problems, they may incorrectly underestimate the amount they have consumed. Alcohol and drugs will also further impair an already faulty memory. According to the Brain Injury Association of America there is no safe amount to drink after a brain injury. Those who use alcohol or other drugs after a brain injury do not recover as well and can in fact lose much of the progress they have gained.

It is recommended that in order to maximize the quality of their life they be encouraged to join support groups, recreational groups and other activities so they will have fewer times to be alone and therefore avoid boredom. This will only work of course if the injured person is agreeable to becoming involved in activities. It is also suggested that liquor not be kept in the home. However, if the injured person is able to drive this will not be a solution.

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