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When dealing with a member of the family who is either addicted to alcohol or some other hard street or prescription drug(s), there is the risk that the particular individual may eventually cause themselves great harm, or even death. Families, especially ones who were very close for the longest time, before the addiction took over, will often go through incredible suffering. First, there is the situation where the family will try their best to support their family member and work with them to find a solution to the problem.

Then, when that doesn’t seem to work, the family may try to just live with the problem, hoping that it will go away. Lastly, there is the situation where the family members separate and try to leave behind, or ignore, the problem that they have been unable to fix or deal with. Not every family reacts to the problem in the same way, though the three different situations expressed will be felt by most families in such a situation in one way or another. Regardless of how they deal with it, however, many families will eventually suffer from the most undesirable situation of all where that individual who suffered from the drug addiction passes away.

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