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Dealing with such a situation is extremely stressful and draining. It is not one that anyone wants to experience, but many do around the world every day. At first, many will try and help their husband or wife fight their addiction; sometimes they are successful, other times they are not. Many will live in the situation for many years, while some will leave after a short time. It all depends on how long someone wants to, and can, try and put up with the situation and make the marriage work.

Going through such an experience is not only unnerving; it is confusing, frustrating and painful. It can make the victim feel very alone in the world and at a loss of what to do. Time stops for them and they are suddenly not living at all, just going through the motions every day, walking on eggshells and hoping that things will get better. What many don’t realize, is that there is someone they can talk to. They even have access to an online counselor if they did a quick search online for online counselors. Online therapists are there to talk with anyone who asks for their help. They will work with the patient and help to guide them through their difficulties. Online therapy can be extremely beneficial to anyone who needs to find some direction in their life and decide on what they should do, because it can help them take some time out and seek out what they truly feel they should do.

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