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One of the biggest reasoSober | Clearbrook Treatment Centersns we stay stuck in our addiction is because of fear. It is tough leaving behind that comfort zone that we’ve grown accustomed to and branch out into new territory. Sobriety is quietly whispering in your ear and urging you to come along. Meanwhile, fear is screaming about all the things you should avoid. It’s much easier to listen to the fear.

Here are the most common fears people face when thinking about sobriety and how they stop you from getting sober.

1.     I Don’t Have Enough Willpower

Thankfully, this is a true statement. You really don’t have enough willpower, but you don’t need it. This isn’t about the discipline or even forcing yourself to do something. The process is more about making conscious decisions each day about what is acceptable and not acceptable to you.

Anyone can decide that it is time to be sober and then it’s just a matter of relearning how to live life. With the right support system by your side, willpower won’t be needed.

2.     Life Will Be Boring

Most people worry that sobriety is going to make them boring and then no one will want to be around. The reality is that refraining from drinking or using drugs won’t change who you are. The essence and true beauty inside of you remain the same. You just have more self-control so you aren’t constantly making a fool out of yourself anymore.

In addition, your life in itself will not become boring. If anything, you are going to feel like a kid again with all new possibilities and doors open to you. When you were using the only option was to get drunk or high. All other choices were not available to you.

Now, you can do anything! You can be anything. There will be no more limits placed on your happiness and your potential. Enjoy the latest fairs, festivals, museums, sporting events and more with your friends.

3.     All My Friends Will Leave

With the fear of sounding like your parent, we assure you that getting sober won’t make you lose any real friends. Alcohol and drugs don’t make friendships. Yes, your friends might need to readjust their lives to suit the new you, but they will.

Aside from that, you have the opportunity now to find real friends who like you because you are YOU! They don’t want to hang around because you have money, alcohol or drugs. That is far more of a blessing than any “friends” you think you’ll lose.

4.     People Will Talk about Me

This is true – people will talk about you. But, they are going to do this whether you are getting sober or not because people can be jerks. What people say about you is ultimately just a reflection of themselves. It has nothing to do with you or who you are.

Once you are sober, you’ll be able to have confidence enough to stand up for yourself. You can speak truth to those people’s lives and no longer let it dictate who you are.

5.     I Won’t Know How To Cope

Here’s a reality check for you. Alcohol and drugs never helped you to cope either; they just made you forget temporarily. Once you sobered up, the problems and feelings were all still there.

Once you quit using substances as a “coping” mechanism, you have a real chance to learn how to properly deal with life. You can work on the real things going on in your life so they don’t need to continue pushing you around.

This is a great time to practice meditation, yoga and exercise as a way to relieve stress. Journaling, eating right and spending time with good friends will also provide an outlet for you. You will be able to deal with an issue and put it behind you. This way, it won’t keep coming up in your life day after day and tormenting you.

6.     Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

This is the truth. It won’t be the same – it will be better! We’ve never met someone that regretted the decision to get sober. If you are one who does, you can make the choice to start back up again at any time.


How Fear Will Affect Your Sobriety

Now that we’ve looked at the major fears you might be facing, let’s see how this is hurting you from getting better.

  • The fear is preventing you from taking action.
  • Fear stops you from thinking clearly and making wise decisions.
  • It adds additional stress and can lead to mental and physical diseases.
  • Fear is a justification for
  • Feeling fear causes you to live an unsatisfied life.
  • Emotional sobriety cannot be achieved while fearful.

Dealing with Fear in Recovery

So, how do we cure this fear? While it isn’t possible to live a life completely void of fear, there are some options that will help us cope. Here are some tips and tricks to follow in your daily life.

  1. Face the fears. This means it is time to get honest about what is causing your fear.
  2. Take up relaxation techniques for stress reduction. This has been a proven method for those dealing will illnesses and turmoil.
  3. Meditation is an option where you can view the fears objectively. View the fears as a reaction you can control.
  4. Share your fears with others. This takes a lot of the power out of the fear where it can no longer consume and control you. Sometimes, talking about it is all that needs to happen for it to disappear.
  5. Take time to journal about the fears. Putting them on paper gets the fear out of your head. It also makes it easier to analyze the problem and look for a solution.
  6. Discuss your fears in a 12-step fellowship. If you prefer not to share it so openly, then spend time working on it with your sponsor. Chances are, you aren’t the only person that’s ever had that fear before.
  7. View your fear as a positive motivator. It isn’t an enemy but something to propel you to the next level of recovery.
  8. Face the fear head-on with the help of a professional. Sometimes, tackling a phobia is the best way to overcome it.

If you find that the fears you are having begin to interfere with your daily life and happiness, then it might be time to seek out a therapist. A professional might be the right choice for you to begin living a healthy and fulfilling life.


Fear was given to us as a way to move us forward, but for many people, it ends up stopping progress. Listen to the fear and speak truth to it. Then, empower yourself to move past the fear into a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

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