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We believe that our community has the right to accurate information. That being said, please consider the following facts regarding the potential sale of Clearbrook Manor located in Laurel Run, PA.

Clearbrook Manor has not been sold as erroneously reported by the Citizens’ Voice and The Scranton Times. A letter of intent to engage in discussions about the possible purchase of Clearbrook Manor by Banyan Treatment Centers & Detox has been signed by both parties.

Over the years, Clearbrook, Inc. has received dozens of offers from a variety of entities seeking to acquire our adult drug and alcohol treatment facility, all of which have been rejected… until now.

In addition to a philosophical alignment with Clearbrook’s abstinence-based treatment model, Banyan Treatment Centers’ executive management team recognizes the value of Clearbrook employees and has honored our commitment to their future by assuring that each and every employee will be retained should Banyan assume ownership.

“Throughout our 45-year history of treating individuals who suffer from alcoholism and substance abuse disorder, we have never experienced anything as horrendous as the death toll that continues to rise in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties. We are not in the throes of an opioid epidemic. We are right in the eye of a pandemic,” states Nicholas Colangelo, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer.

According to data reported by Lackawanna and Luzerne County Coroners, in 2016 the combined number of fatal overdoses was 224, or roughly one death every other day. The death toll is expected to be even higher in 2017.

A strategic decision to divide and conquer has been made. At this time in our history, we recognize the need for Clearbrook, Inc. to adapt in order to continue to serve the needs of our community. Banyan Treatment Centers’ potential purchase can assist us toward that end.

“By unlocking the value of 37 years of continuous investment in Clearbook and by selling our facility to an organization that has both the reputation and the financial resources necessary to advance our collective mission, our community wins,” states Robert Piccone, M.S., President.

Proceeds from the sale will fuel the Clearbrook Foundation’s existing plans to provide free substance abuse intervention in two new crisis centers, one in Lackawanna and one in Luzerne County. The Clearbrook Foundation will continue to support “Families Helping Families,” our community education programs provided to families free of charge throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Should an agreement of sale be reached between Banyan Treatment Centers and Clearbrook, Inc., the Attorney General’s Office will review the sale in order to protect public interest due to Clearbrook, Inc.’s nonprofit status. That review will take approximately 90 days.

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