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Drug addicts don’t just engage in risky behavior with illegal drugs. There are also a growing number of people that are overdosing from prescription drugs. Not only are these drugs readily available in many household medicine cabinets, they can also be purchased on the street.

With pharmaceutical companies pushing more drugs on the population, we can expect to see a rise in more narcotic related deaths in the future. Here’s a list of the most common prescription drugs that are being sold on the street.

1.     OxyContin

This narcotic pain reliever is intended to treat pain that can be moderate to severe. With the abundance of people getting hooked on the medication each year, they often turn to alternative means to keep a supply when the doctor no longer offers the prescription.

The prices on this drug are astounding. On the street, you can find the following prices per pill:

  • 10mg – $5 – $10
  • 20mg – $10 – $20
  • 40mg – $25 – $40
  • 80mg – $65 – $80

Once people can no longer afford these high prices, many of them will turn to heroin usage instead. This is the main reason we are seeing such an epidemic in heroin related deaths.

2.     Xanax

This benzodiazepine medication is generally used for the treatment of anxiety disorders. Generally, users can experience a black out which causes them to forget events that happened while they are high.

Many people will mix Xanax with alcohol, but even normal doses of Xanax are dangerous when mixed with alcohol. It is not uncommon to pay $5-$6 per 2mg pill of Xanax on the street. Withdrawal from Xanax is extremely dangerous and can be fatal if not treated by a medical professional.

3.     Suboxone

This drug was created as a maintenance treatment for opioid dependence. It is intended to help a person abstain from drugs, but is commonly sold on the streets as a way to get high. In fact, it is now the number 1 drug that is brought into jails for sale and trade.

4.     Vicodin

This narcotic pain killer treats moderate to severe pain. It is less harmful than abusing prescription drugs like OxyContin or Percocet, but more potent versions are now hitting the market.

Vicodin comes in various forms and sizes, but the typical price of just one pill on the street is between $4 and $10.

5.     Adderall

This drug was intended to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) but is commonly abused on college campuses. Many students will find it helps them to focus when studying.

In addition, adults will abuse it if they work in high-stress jobs and need to “perform” to a certain level. When Adderall is abused, it becomes a very dangerous drug. Users will stay awake for days and then crash for days at a time. They can also experience high levels of anxiety and paranoia.

6.     Fentanyl

For cancer patients, Fentanyl has become a lifesaver in helping to deal with breakthrough pain. It is generally applied through a patch or used as a lollipop. It is now turning up on the streets and is often to be cut with heroin.

This has been causing an alarming amount of overdose deaths and it’s no wonder. The DEA has stated that Fentanyl is 40 to 50 times more powerful than your typical street heroin.

With street names such as China Girl, Apache, Dance Fever, Murder 8 and China White, Fentanyl is extremely dangerous, especially to law enforcement. There have been many instances where police officers have unknowingly come in contact with the drug during busts and suffered effects from the exposure.

7.     Valium

Also called diazepam, this prescription medicine is given by doctors to treat anxiety, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal. As with many drugs available today, it is being overprescribed and given haphazardly to addicts.

While taking Valium, the addict can feel as if there are no cares in the world. That’s because it triggers euphoric effects in the mind. Many people will take Valium to self-medicate with life instead of learning how to cope. It is highly addictive and most people will become dependent on the drug just to live day to day.

8.     Klonopin

Originally created for the management of seizures, it can also be used to treat panic disorders. This benzodiazepine drug is highly addictive and was only ever recommended for short-term use in qualified patients.

Recently, this has become a favorite of addicts and there have been some dangerous outcomes. The National Institute on Drug Abuse claims that over 7% of high school seniors admit to using this or other prescription drugs like it before graduating. In addition, mixing the drug with other opioids or alcohol can have serious consequences including death.

9.     Ambien

This sedative is used to treat patients who suffer from short-term insomnia. By allowing them to fall to sleep quickly, it helps them get back on track to a normal lifestyle.

What has happened is that users of stimulant drugs like crack, Crystal Meth or cocaine have found that it helps them come down from their high. They can take Ambien when they are finished and it will help them to relax.

A person can easily become dependent on this drug and go to any lengths to continue getting it. The dangerous side of Ambien is that it suppresses the body’s ability to breathe normally. When mixed with other prescription drugs, like opiates, or alcohol, the combination can end in death as a result of asphyxiation.

Memory loss also appears to be quite common with the drug. People have claimed to gone out and done things without ever knowing it happened. For this reason, Ambien has been found to be an effective date-rape drug.

10.    Percocet

This narcotic painkiller is a combination of anilide analgesic and opioid analgesic for treating moderate pain levels. Basically, it combines Oxycodone with acetaminophen (Tylenol) and affects the way the brain receives pain signals.

Drug addicts have found that they can crush the pills and snort them for a quicker and more intense high. It tends to act much like heroin in that it creates a sense of calm, relaxation, euphoria and enhanced pleasure.

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No matter what prescription drugs you are abusing, legal or illegal, there is a better way! You no longer have to live a life that is dependent on chemicals to help you cope and manage. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we understand the pain you are feeling, and we are able to offer you the guidance and resources you need. Our prescription drug addiction treatment could be your fresh start.

If you or someone you know and love is currently struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, please contact our Admissions Specialists today. Let us show you what recovery has to offer.




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