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Also referred to as “tranq” and “the zombie drug”1, Xylazine is a potent veterinary sedative and analgesic medication used to manage pain and relax animals during medical procedures. However, in recent years, it’s emerged as a concerning substance in recreational drug use circles due to its association with the “dope lean” phenomenon. When it comes to Xylazine abuse, the drug is often mixed with opioids or other substances, contributing to a dangerous trend among some drug users seeking intense euphoria and sedation. This substance has become such a problem that the White House posted the Fentanyl Adulterated or Associated With Xylazine Response Plan in July 2023.1 Today we’re exploring the effects of Xylazine on people and its alarming association with the growing “dope lean” trend, shedding light on the risks and potential consequences linked to misuse.

What Does Xylazine Do to People?

Xylazine, when used correctly under the supervision of a veterinarian, is an analgesic agent primarily used in animals to induce relaxation and reduce pain during medical procedures. However, when misused by humans, Xylazine can have a range of dangerous effects on the body.

In the context of recreational substance abuse, Xylazine is often combined with other drugs, such as opioids, stimulants, or synthetic cannabinoids, to intensify or cut down its side effects. When taken by humans, the drug can lead to a variety of physical and psychological effects.

Some common ways Xylazine affects people include:

  • Sedation: Xylazine misuse can lead to extreme drowsiness and lethargy, often resulting in the “dope lean” phenomenon where a user (also known as a tranq zombie) appears to be nodding off or leaning over heavily.
  • Respiratory depression: Xylazine can slow down breathing and make the action more difficult, which, when used with other respiratory depressants like opioids, can lead to overdose, brain damage, and death.
  • Cardiac effects: Xylazine can also affect heart rate and blood pressure, potentially causing cardiovascular complications like heart attack or stroke.
  • Impaired coordination: The abuse of Xylazine can impair motor skills and coordination, making it dangerous for users to operate machinery or engage in any activities that require full awareness.
  • Nausea and vomiting: Tranq users may also experience gastrointestinal disturbances, which can contribute to nausea and vomiting.
  • Psychological effects: Xylazine can induce feelings of disorientation, confusion, and altered perception, which may further endanger users and contribute to risky behaviors.

It’s crucial to emphasize that the recreational use of Xylazine can be life-threatening. Due to its potency and unpredictable interactions with other substances, tranq can pose short and long-term health risks and even lead to fatal consequences. Due to the drug’s addictive nature and intense effects on the human body, seeking help from medical professionals and addiction specialists is crucial for individuals struggling with the abuse of Xylazine or any other illicit drugs.

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What Is Dope Lean?

“Dope Lean” is a term originating from drug culture that’s used to describe a specific drug-induced state characterized in which the individual is heavily sedated and lethargic. The term itself is derived from the word “dope,” which is a slang term for drugs, and “lean,” which refers to the leaning or slumping over resulting from the relaxing and sedative side effects of drugs.

The dope lean phenomenon is commonly associated with the abuse of certain substances, particularly a combination of opioids and sedatives. The most notorious mixture involves codeine and promethazine, which is otherwise referred to as “purple drank.”

The cough syrup mixture contains two different kinds of sedatives: codeine, an opioid, and promethazine, a sedative antihistamine. When heavily consumed or mixed with other drugs, purple drank can result in heavy sedation, euphoria, and a sense of dissociation or disconnect from reality.

However, in recent years, dope lean has been increasingly linked to Xylazine abuse. When abused, the drug can cause severe sedation and disorientation to the point where users are constantly bent or leaned over.

While this isn’t necessarily a new substance or form of drug abuse, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has found some new disturbing changes in the drug culture concerning Xylazine. According to the DEA, tranq dealers are buying the drug from China and using it as a cutting agent to make opioids more potent.

Dealers and users are also combining the drug with stimulants like cocaine and meth to keep the brain wired while experiencing the drug’s sedative effects. Fentanyl is another illicit drug that’s often added to Xylazine and is known for its high potential for abuse and death. As the opioid epidemic persists, it’s imperative to spread awareness concerning the effects of recreational drug use, especially any linked to cutting agents like fentanyl.

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The abuse of Xylazine and its association with dope lean serve as distressing reminders of the life-threatening dangers posed by substance abuse. Tranq has managed to find its way from the veterinary office to the illicit drug market, contributing to a trend of extreme sedation and disorientation.

Not only can this substance cause immediate side effects, but it also has the potential for abuse and addiction. Unfortunately, long-time users struggle to quit on their own, increasing their risks of the side effects we’ve mentioned today.

Seeking professional care is crucial to breaking free of substance abuse. Our Northeast addictions treatment center offers addiction treatment in Pennsylvania for all kinds of substance use disorders, including those related to sedatives like Xylazine.

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1 -The White House Executive Office Of The President Office Of National Drug Control Policy – Fentanyl  Adulterated Or Associated With Xylazine Response Plan

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