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For the first 4 rules, read them here.

5. Connect with the Natural World. Before you attended that drug rehab facility, you lost touch with not only with yourself but with your environment as well. However you choose to reconnect with nature, whether it is through hiking, eating organically, or even simply recycling, the greater chance you have of remaining clean. There is so much healing power in a morning walk with your dog, watching a sunset, or nurturing your body with whole foods that you would do yourself a disservice to return to the false high and guilt associated with drugs.

6. Take Care of Your Stuff. This includes your space and everything in it. Keep your house neat and organized. You may have gotten practice keeping your space clean in the drug rehab facility; however, take this thought one step further and apply it to how you spend your time and your energy. Think of this as preventative maintenance. Change the oil in your car so your car is less likely to break down and you are less likely to react negatively to a broken down car. Pay your bills so you don’t get behind and financial stress does not build, which could lead to all sorts of triggers. Remember the more your “stuff” is in order, the less likely you are to relapse over these types of triggers.

7. Nurture Your Spirit. This isn’t about believing in God or joining a religion. This is about seeing yourself as a spiritual being – one who can create, one who has thoughts and ideas, one who has the desire to survive. Whatever your beliefs, you are a being with ideas. Now that you have completed the drug rehab facility, your mind is free from chemicals that have hindered your ability to create your life. If you see yourself as an artist, then go buy some paint. If you seek peace in your psyche, join a yoga class or learn meditation. If you feel connected to your spirit by going to church on Sundays, then go. The more you turn your positive thoughts into tangible creations, the less likely you are to crave a drug-induced state.

8. Embrace All. This is a huge concept and can take on any form that works for you. Simply look at not only yourself but the world around you and your role in it. It is important to grasp that you and this world you live in are immeasurably great, that you are not bound by finite ideas, or limited in what you can achieve. Embrace yourself. Embrace life. Embrace all that there is, and you will find that drugs no longer have a place in your world and you will enjoy your drug free life.

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