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1. Take Care of Yourself. This may sound pretty simple; however, for most drug addicts this was never high on the priority list. More than likely eating right and getting a good night’s sleep didn’t happen until you were in a drug rehab facility. Now that you are back in the real world, you must continue to eat healthy and sleep well. Adding exercise to your daily plan will also increase your chances of staying sober. Many doctors say that exercise produces a better effect on one’s mood than anti-depressants.

2. Stay Close to Your Family. This will look different for each of you as you define who your family is. If it’s your husband, your mother, your children, or your closest friends, keep them near. Those who helped you get to a drug rehab facility and succeed will be the ones who will want to see you stay clean. Foster those relationships. Remember those that love you and have helped you clean up are the best people to keep in your inner circle and your spending time with them and helping them will help undo any past harm and damage from drug use or alcoholism.

3. Pay Attention to the People You Hang Around. If you are hanging around with people who are using, even socially, you are setting yourself up for failure. You already know this. However, this rule extends outside of just your peer group. Remember the groups of people in the drug rehab facility. There were those who really wanted to be there and worked hard at the program, and then there were those who remained negative, who were only there because someone has forced them to attend, or because they were avoiding jail time but were not really ready to quit. Choose, even now, to befriend the positive people. Surrounding yourself with negative people can have destructive consequences, so make sure you pick your groups wisely at work, school and in your free time.

4. Realize that You Are Not Alone. You are part of the human race. Drug addiction does not differentiate between race, religion, or gender. As you may remember from the drug rehab facility that you attended, everyone who was there came from a different place, but you were united in the pain and destruction that drug addiction causes. Remember that even now you are connected, not just to other drug addicts, but to everyone. If you live as though you are connected to everyone, then you will find that you truly are not alone in this world, and your chances of staying sober will increase. Helping others is an incredible cure for boredom and restlessness, and will fill you with accomplishment and pride. Make sure that you spend time giving of yourself in some way to others

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