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Recovery has sometimes been compared to the ingredients of making a homemade soup.  The soup calls for a certain amount of water, vegetables, meats, and spices.  If we veer off from the recipe, the soup doesn’t taste the same.

Recovery in a lot of ways is just like that.  People that aren’t in recovery sometimes think that if you just don’t drink or use everything will be ok.  Not drinking or using is a vital step in the process, but there is more that goes with it to make it last and “taste the same,” like the soup we were talking about.

Meetings, literature, 12-step based recovery, and finding ways of having fun are some of those ingredients.  Rockers In Recovery has provided that fun piece for the last eight years.  They have shown through their many events that people can have fun in recovery through music.  We have witnessed what RIR brings to the table at their “Love of Recovery” music festivals in Pembroke Pines, Florida; Walpole, Maine; and soon…Northeast Pennsylvania!

Rockers In Recovery’s sole purpose is to provide education, prevention, and treatment information for people that are suffering from the disease of addiction.  With music as the catalyst, they have captured a wide audience from across the globe.  That same platform enables them to pass the message of Clearbrook Treatment Centers along to their fans.   There have been many people that have found the treatment phase of their journey at Clearbrook through Rockers In Recovery.

The alliance that Clearbrook and Rockers In Recovery have formed has been able to guide the person suffering from addiction toward a pathway to a new life.  At Clearbrook, we look forward to another great year with RIR and their next big concert event happening right here in our backyard!

Come and join us and Rockers In Recovery for an amazing sober rock fest at Kirby Park on Saturday, September 9, 2017 @ Noon!

Follow the event on Facebook and let us know if you can join us for this great day of music, fun and fellowship!


Visit Rockers In Recovery for more information.



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