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Our headline is a take on an old familiar commercial.  Surely you remember it.  It was a 1988 public service announcement sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America.  Viewers easily understood the few second spot.

An egg sizzled in a frying pan.  The obvious inference was that drugs were cooking the brain.

Alcohol can also create burn out.  Any questions?

We have answers.

The Impact of Alcohol on the Brain

Sometimes it takes a reality check.  New York is big on those horrid graphics of what cigarettes do to the lungs.  And, other organs.

We’ll give you the facts.  Maybe some of you know.

More than likely, if you’re abusing alcohol, you’re already feeling some of the consequences.

We admit that the most recent study offered by Molecular Psychiatry is a bit difficult to digest.  We still want you to have a chance to review it.  In short, it says that chronic alcohol use has a definite effect on behavior.  The change may be more noticeable in men who are heavy drinkers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that women don’t experience problems with their brain as a result of alcoholism.   Blackouts and memory lapses may occur in either sex.

As a result of hitting the bottle too frequently, the brain’s communication pathways can be disrupted. This affects the brain in many ways. An alcoholic may become confused.  There may be issues with stability.  This may cause issues with coordination and an increased chance of head injury. It also changes mood and can cause an alcoholic to become irritated or aggressive.

Brain cells may actually shrink as a result of long term drinking.  This will create a number of deficiencies and cause impairments in someone who was otherwise able to function.

The changes can be frightening.

We Know there is Help

At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Pennsylvania, we embrace the Twelve Steps as an effective means of working the program.  We know that recovery is a daily process.  We work with our clients from detox to daily living.  We work on coping skills and encourage clients through their journey.  We are happy to provide you with the assistance you need.  Contact us if you are ready to start the path to your recovery.

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