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In a society in which unregulated Internet pharmacies have made acquiring prescription drugs as easy as ordering from an online catalog, it may come as little surprise that thousands of suffering Americans are attempting to self-medicate their pain away. However, as many have discovered, taking highly addictive medications without the advice or supervision of a health care provider can cause many more problems than it solves.

Though not all of these off-label or recreational uses of prescription painkillers can be attributed to struggles with chronic pain, evidence indicates that many individuals develop dependency after using the drugs for legitimate purposes.

In her article on the website of the National Pain Foundation, Dr. Jennifer P. Schneider writes that chronic pain is “notoriously under-treated,” and that the most common reasons patients gave for changing doctors included “too much pain,” and “the belief that the doctor didn’t take their pain seriously enough.”

Some people who abuse prescription painkillers are able to overcome their addictions through counseling, participation in 12-step support groups, or outpatient therapy – but more severe cases may merit hospitalization or a stay in a residential treatment facility.

In addition to traditional rehabilitation efforts, which address a wide range of substance abuse disorders, some programs are designed specifically for individuals who are suffering from chronic pain and related dependencies.

One such pain pill treatment program can be found at our facility. With extensive facilities and treatment programs, you are sure to overcome your drug addiction.

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