In Clearbrook Treatment Centers Pennsylvania, Marijuana Drug Abuse

Research on the health and safety effects of marijuana strongly correlates with many mental, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual problems. In addition, many crimes, accidents, job and school performance problems have been associated with the use of marijuana. Furthermore, while not everyone that uses marijuana becomes drug dependent, the reality is that as with alcohol and other drugs marijuana use certainly can lead to profound, chronic and progressive chemical dependency.

There are scores of scientific studies that prove that marijuana can be a harmful, addictive drug. As with alcohol and all drugs, marijuana can certainly lead to profound, chronic and progressive chemical dependency. Marijuana is currently up to 25 times more potent than it was in the sixties making the drug even more addictive, and many say that quitting marijuana is much more difficult than they thought (even more “difficult than quitting cocaine”).

The consumption of marijuana is not recommended. For many users it causes mild-to-severe distress and for many it may have even more serious and profound physical or psychological effects. This is especially true for who are predisposed to emotional issues and problems.

Overall, marijuana use in America tends to be correlated to age. As age increases beyond the youthful and young adult years and into adult years and then the senior years, marijuana use decreases to less than one percent of the population. In this regard then, note that marijuana use does not have the support of the majority of Americans, and in fact, is a behavioral phenomena specific to a small subgroup of the population. Remember, the consumption of marijuana is not recommended.

Since 1972, the renowned Clearbrook Treatment Centers have been providing effective treatment programs for adults and adolescents who suffer from alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. Clearbrook’s rehabilitation program is based upon the belief that alcoholism and chemical dependency is a primary disease and that the suffering addict and his or her family members deserve immediate help.

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