In Clearbrook Treatment Centers Pennsylvania, Cocaine Addiction

Is cocaine addiction a problem in a loved one’s life or your own life? Cocaine use can be an extremely difficult thing to handle and if you have become involved in its use, it can be hard to know if the line between casual use and addiction is being crossed. No matter what the reason, it is important for you to understand the risks and dangers of cocaine addiction.

Addiction is often defined as the need to frequently use increased doses of the drug, despite the physical and psychological harm that it does. The compulsion to use the drug is so strong that the addict will commonly give up their personal relationships and their value system in order to support it.

There are many factors that might cause addiction. First, cocaine is a chemical that is easy to become addicted to; like any other stimulant, it affects the neurochemistry of the brain. Second, some people are more prone to become addicted than others. If one or both of your parents were particularly susceptible to cocaine, there is an increased likelihood that you are susceptible as well. Third, cocaine is a drug to which the human body can build up a tolerance. When this tolerance occurs, an increased amount of the drug is necessary to create a similar sort of high.

Cocaine is an extremely addictive drug. As a stimulant, it inhibits the absorption of dopamine into the body’s system, creating a powerful, prolonged high. Because many users develop a resistance to it fairly quickly, they never achieve the same that they got from it originally, resulting in them taking larger and larger dosages to try to achieve the same effect. One of the symptoms of cocaine addiction is a constant increase in the amount ingested.

Addiction is also likely when withdrawal symptoms are seen when the drug is taken away or reduced. Being physically sick or depressed are both signs that the person might have become addicted. In terms of physical effects, nausea, a runny nose and constant twitching are signs of withdrawal, and in terms of psychological effects, depression, anxiety and agitation can be indication of a withdrawal in full progress.

If you or someone you love is struggling, get help with our Pennsylvania cocaine addiction treatment.

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