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Millions of individuals receive prescription drugs for their ailments and injuries each year. Some of them never finish the prescription and others take it as it was outlined. However, there are many individuals who use the drug to an extreme and they become addicted to it. In most cases, it starts out as an innocent way to control the pain they have on an ongoing basis. Yet the brain starts to crave more of it to feel good, and that leads to the monstrous habit called addiction. This is known as prescription drug abuse.

Many individuals who abuse prescription drugs have families and careers. This is a very different type of addiction than street drugs, yet often the symptoms are the same. The individual will usually do a very good job of hiding their needs from friends and family. They may even borrow or steal money to pay for the prescription drugs in some cases.

With a prescription drug abuse problem, addicts find themselves unable to go back to their doctor to get the same medication prescribed again and again. So, they usually sneak around and go to several different doctors. It is also common to buy the drugs in the black market without any prescription. In some extreme cases, people have been known to break their own bones or cause serious injuries so that a doctor will prescribe what they are after.

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