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Substance abuse is definitely a major problem in itself, but when the victim is a young person, the issue becomes much more serious. Today, there is a large number of treatment centers that cater especially to young people that are trying to come out of an addiction, but it is appalling to see how there are patients as young as ten and twelve years seeking admission to these centers. This clearly indicates that the age of people getting into chemical dependencies is going down. Moreover, these treatment centers claim that they face many more problems in doling out treatment to the younger patients than to adults. Here we discuss some of these problems that the treatment centers face in treating adolescent and teen substance abuse.

Ignorance in the Patients

The first problem that is encountered with young-age substance abuse is the fact that these patients are too immature to understand the gravity of their situation. They do not comprehend that the habit they are with is a life-threatening habit. Being young, they only see that they get temporal pleasure by chasing the addiction, without actually realizing the repercussions on various aspects of their life that the habit might cause.

Why do young people get into an addiction in the first place? Substance abuse resources reveal that most youngsters who pick up a chemical habit are under some or the other kind of emotional stress. This could be an overburdening pressure to compete in academics or sports or the feeling of neglect within their family. They may also succumb to the habit due to sheer pressure from their companions. If we see this, we realize that youngsters do not take up addiction for the sake of the addiction. For them, the addiction is a kind of a release from some perceived problem or a way to make their presence felt to the people around them.

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