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1. Failure to have an Immediate Plan of Action: Prior to the intervention, make sure you have a plan of action that will actually get your loved one to a drug rehab where he can be treated for his addiction. Often the addict will agree to go to treatment “later” after he “takes care of a few things”. Offer to take care of those things for him so that it is one less thing to worry about. He may make excuses as to why he can’t go now; his job is too important or his school is almost done. In fact, he may convince you that his considerations are valid and it can seem like there really is no way her can go.

However, you must not let that happen. The odds are against him that he will actually make it to the drug rehab treatment center. Have a plane ticket, a ride, and an escort ready to get him there within 24 hours after the intervention takes place. You may be able to stretch this time to 48 hours at the VERY LATEST, but make sure the addict has close supervision the entire time. I spoke to several parents who were devastated after they allowed their child to put off treatment until some “important things” were taken care of, only to find their child had overdosed. Not one of these parents felt that it was worth it to wait to get the addict into treatment and all of them regretted not doing whatever they could to get their child into the drug rehab. Also, none of them foresaw the danger the addict was really in.

2. Inadequate Research of Drug Rehab Treatment: There are many types of drug rehab treatments out there and it is important to research which one will best help the addict in your life. Once you have made a decision, get in contact with the drug rehab treatment center and let them know about the intervention and you can often get some great advice. Have some of their literature on hand during the intervention, so the addict realizes that drug rehab is not prison, but simply a place to change your life.

Every drug rehab program has rules, and rightly so. Learn what they will allow and not allow. For instance, some programs do not allow cigarette smoking. If the addict smokes, this program would not be a good choice. If the intervention is on the right track, having this information immediately available will help speed the process along.

An intervention can seem overwhelming and frightening to the family of an addict and should not be underestimated. However, it can be successful if the reasons above are resolved and the corresponding steps above are followed. There is hope in getting your loved one into a type of a drug rehab treatment program that changes their lives for the better

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