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Clearbrook Treatment Centers are Pennsylvania drug rehabs that have helped tens of thousands of people recover from the disease of addiction. Our approach is simple. The person who is using alcohol and drugs to change their lives are sick people. At our adult inpatient facility or our adolescent treatment center we can offer the addict and their families hope for the rest of their life. The first step on the road to recovery is to ask for help or to agree to be helped.

Did you go to Clearbrook?? Has your life changed. Please comment below and let us know what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now.

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    I had ben struggling with an alcohol addiction for some 25 years. In that 25 years I lost everything that was dear to me and no matter how hard i would try “with all my heart” I simply just couldn’t stop drinking no matter what the loss. I was so frustrated with myself and hurt by my own actions that in a very depressed drunk I decided I couldn’t live like this anymore, helpless and hopeless I thought the only way to end the suffering was to take my own life. Then at the end of my rope I found the strength to try one more time, scared as hell I asked several doctors what I should do and that led me to Clearbrook. When i got to Clearbrook I felt foolish and afraid. Then I found I wasn’t alone neither in my fears or my suffering and I finely felt “understood”! I not only found others like me I found counselors who were not only well trained but knew exactly what i was going through and how to save me from my addiction because they had ben there themselves. Even more than that there attempts to help me understand felt sincere and personal like that of the help of a dear friend. As each day passed and the day of my last use grew feather away, I could feel my emotions and self worth coming back and i made friends with other patients and staff and I began to understand why and how the successors of the program were smiling and could be happy again, not just in a moment of mood swing but in general within there whole life all together. Now each day brings its ups and downs but I feel like I’m alive again. I feel like my life can mean something again and most of all for me, I can be with someone and feel loved again. Now I help all that I can when I see a person suffering as I did because like to through a life float to a drowning man I feel it my duty as a human being to try. my advice to anyone who wants there life back is to go to Clearbrook and at least talk to them, they will point you in the right direction one step at a time. I am Ed.A and i thank you for your time and if anyone reaches out for help I want the hand of AA to always be there and for that I am responsible. Good day!! 🙂

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