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Podcasts have seemed to spike in popularity this past year, so much so that there seems to be one about every topic you can think of. From pregnancy podcasts for expecting mothers to podcasts about caring for your pets, the possibilities seem endless. Because listening to podcasts is often easier than sitting down to read or doing research on the internet – especially for busy people – our Pennsylvania rehab believes these are another great avenue for people in recovery. With that said, here are some of the top addiction podcasts you should listen to. 

Best Addiction Podcasts You Can Listen To 

A podcast is a digital audio file that’s available on internet platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. These are usually available as a series, with new installments or episodes every so often. Podcast subscribers can receive notifications when episodes of their favorite podcasts are posted, which can be listened to virtually anywhere as long as they’re either pre-downloaded or there’s an internet connection such as Wi-Fi.  

Podcasts can be basically about anything, from pregnancy to books to social events. Podcasts have grown in popularity as they can be accessed anywhere with Wi-Fi, offer information, and serve as entertainment on the go.  

Among the many podcasts out there are several podcasts about addiction. These may be led by individuals who have experienced addiction and are in active recovery themselves or may be hosted by people who interview others who have experienced addiction. Similar to books, podcasts can serve as informative guides that can inspire and help people in recovery stay on track.  

If you’re interested in finding a podcast that inspires you or a loved one, here are some addiction podcasts we recommend you listen to:  

A Sober Girl’s Guide 

Jessica Jeboult was living the high life (pun intended) as a well-known DJ working in the heart of Los Angeles. This rockstar lifestyle, while appealing at first, eventually lost its shine and led her down a dangerous path toward depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. Today, Jessica shares her story and progress in sobriety on her podcast A Sober Girl’s Guide, where she focuses on topics like mental health, spirituality, and wellness in recovery. 

 The Banyan Podcast 

Banyan Treatment Centers is a leading treatment facility with multiple locations across the country. With decades of addiction treatment service and experience under their belt, they also run an addiction recovery podcast called The Banyan Podcast. Episodes address common questions, myths, and other topics about drugs, alcohol, and recovery.  

Battling Opioids 

As a drug rehab in Pennsylvania, we also recommend this public media-produced addiction podcast that dives deep into the state’s opioid abuse problem. As of 2020, Pennsylvania is one of the states with the highest opioid overdose rates.1 Though this podcast is news-focused and mainly about the state’s struggles, the opioid epidemic affects people from all walks of life, so it definitely has something to offer for everyone. 

Not only is Battling Opioids working to shed light on the drug epidemic that’s wracked the nation since the late 1990s, but they also work to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and provide resources for individuals who have been impacted.  

Recovery Happy Hour Podcast 

Like many people who struggle with alcohol use disorder, Tricia Lewis was afraid that she’d miss out on life if she quit drinking. The fear of missing out has kept many people with addictions from giving themselves a solid chance. According to Tricia, fear is the biggest liar and the biggest waste of her time.  

Tricia hopes her substance abuse podcast will inspire listeners and help them navigate their relationship with alcohol, whether they’re battling addiction or not. Every episode of the Recovery Happy Hour Podcast features either a different interview, recovery stories, mental health, or discusses “gray area drinking” (a type of drinking that falls between social and destructive.)  

If you’re interested in starting your recovery from alcohol abuse, our facility can help. We offer alcohol addiction treatment that incorporates medical detox and therapy to help clients recover physically and mentally.  

 Recovery Rocks 

This millennial rock-music-focused addiction support podcast incorporates great music and humor for addiction recovery. Hosted by recovery advocates Lisa Smith and Tawny Lara, Recovery Rocks topics range from self-care in recovery to 12-step program benefits.  

Saving You Is Killing Me Podcast 

If you have a loved one battling addiction, then this podcast is for you. The host of the Saving You Is Killing Me Podcast, Andrea Seydel, experienced this struggle when her boyfriend hid his drug addiction for years. Now a life coach and author with a bachelor’s in psychology, she uses her book and podcast of the same name to share self-care tips and support for those with loved ones struggling with substance abuse.  

Sober Speak 

Sober Speak is designed to complement the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12-step program, though the podcast isn’t affiliated with AA. Guests share their experiences with the program and the challenges they faced along the way, offering guidance to those looking into the program for themselves.  

That Sober Guy  

Shane Ramer, who struggled with addiction for 17 years, is the host of That Sober Guy, an addiction recovery podcast that’s designed to supplement his 90-day courses. Ramer’s forward and frank tone is perfect for those looking for an approach to staying sober that is not sugar-coated.   

The Addicted Mind   

Duane Osterlind, licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT), dives into how addiction develops in the brain on The Addicted Mind. Having struggled with addiction from a young age, Osterlind hosts this science-focused drug addiction podcast for those wanting to better understand substance use disorders as they are placed in the mind. Episode guests include mindfulness experts, neuroscientists, recovery experts, and psychologists.  

The Bubble Hour 

Jean McCarthy, an award-winning author and blogger, hosts this alcohol addiction podcast to give space to those recovering from alcoholism. McCarthy’s been sober since 2011 and has since used her platform to offer support and advice to others who are seeking to live alcohol-free lifestyles. Each episode of The Bubble Hour features a different person in recovery sharing their story.  

Get Started On Your Recovery  

While these addiction podcasts are great resources for recovery, there’s nothing like professional treatment to make sobriety happen. If you or someone you care about is battling substance abuse, our inpatient rehab programs in Pennsylvania can help. We offer treatment for all kinds of substance use disorders to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors gets help.  

For more information, call Clearbrook Treatment Centers today at 570-536-9621 or have us contact you. 



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