In Clearbrook Treatment Centers Pennsylvania, Cocaine Addiction

Using cocaine may be compared to a roller coaster. The person using this drug experiences a pleasurable “high,” but that good feeling only lasts for a short time before the user starts to come down again. Cocaine addicts in Pennsylvania continues to use the drug to attempt to recreate the experience they enjoyed so much.

What is Cocaine Addiction in Pennsylvania?

Cocaine addictions can start off by the person being introduced to the drug at a party. They use the drug and enjoy the feeling of euphoria that it gives them. The individual may continue to use the drug as part of their social activities, and not realize they are falling into a cycle of cocaine abuse.

Signs of Cocaine Dependence

This is not a drug that causes a physical dependency; instead, it causes a psychological one. Other symptoms of cocaine use include:

  • Using the drug more often
  • Needing to use more coke to get a “high”
  • Neglecting paying bills so that you can buy cocaine
  • Selling or disposing of possessions to get more

Continuing to use the drug in the face of negative consequences, including not being able to sleep, poor work performance, or difficulty in personal relationships

Causes of Dependency

Cocaine addicts in Pennsylvania continue to use the drug because using it makes them feel good. The person using it feels energetic and has a tremendous sense of well-being. They keep using in an attempt to recreate the pleasurable sensations that cocaine gives them. Coming down from a cocaine “high” is not pleasant, since the user feels depressed. Cocaine abuse involves a vicious cycle of using the drug, coming down, feeling lousy, and then using again to feel better.

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