Faith-Based Counseling for Mental Health

Faith-based counseling for mental health refers to counseling or psychotherapy with religious or spiritual components. Our faith-based therapy at Banyan Mental Health is part of the Faith in Recovery program offered at Banyan Treatment Centers. While this type of counseling for mental illness is based on Christian principles, people of all spiritual, religious, or faith backgrounds are welcome to join. Components of the Faith in Recovery program are now being offered to patients at our Banyan mental health center to assist them in their recovery from disorders like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. 


What Is Christian-Based Counseling?

If you don’t consider yourself a religious person or have even had a bad experience in a religious setting, then you might be hesitant about Christian-based therapy, but hear us out. The Christian-based counseling and therapy offered at our facility takes a spiritual approach to help clients recover from mental health disorders. Unlike some Christian mental health facilities, our treatment center takes a spiritual yet inclusive approach to address a mental illness that doesn’t leave anyone out. In other words, whether patients are religious or not, they’re all welcome to participate in our Faith in Recovery program.


Goals of Faith-Based Therapy

Patients in our mental treatment center will have the opportunity to rediscover themselves, learn more about their spirituality, and potentially develop or re-establish their relationship with God. To best understand how this program can benefit someone receiving mental health treatment at our facility, listed below are the goals of our faith-based counseling for mental illness. 

  • Building a personal connection with a higher power, providing a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in one’s life
  • Making sense of suffering, challenges, or hardships in one’s life
  • Learning how to use spirituality or religion to deepen one’s faith and develop coping skills
  • Identifying religious or spiritual values to help guide everyday decisions and actions
  • Learning how to forgive others and oneself as well as how to ask others for forgiveness
  • Connecting or reconnecting with a religious community 


Faith-based counseling for mental health can also help with interpersonal challenges, finding purpose, making important decisions, maintaining mental wellness, reducing stress, providing guidance, preventing mental illness relapse, and more. Most importantly, the counseling services offered in our Faith in Recovery program offer guidance and hope, both of which are key elements in recovery from mental illness. 


Our Christian Mental Health Counseling Services

So, what does the Faith in Recovery program offer, exactly? This program is led by Banyan Treatment Centers’ Director and Chaplain Anthony Acampora, who has a Master’s in Ministry degree and an Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies. Along with our counselors, Anothony offers a religious or spiritual approach to addressing recovery from mental illness. Below are some of the services offered to patients who decide to join our Faith in Recovery program. 


One-On-One Christian Counseling Sessions

Patients interested in our Christian inpatient therapy will have the opportunity to sign up for individual faith counseling sessions. Although they aren’t automatically added to clients’ treatment plans, these are optional, private sessions with a counselor in which clients can discuss their struggles in a personal and quiet setting. If you feel uncomfortable in group settings, these sessions could be just the thing you need to get the most of your treatment. If you are interested in receiving one-on-one Christian counseling, you should reach out to Anthony or a team member to schedule it. 


Christian Telehealth Counseling

Not only are our Faith in Recovery services offered to patients at our inpatient mental health rehab, but they’re also offered to remote patients who’d prefer to receive their counseling at home. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Banyan has realized the importance of flexibility in treating mental health disorders. We never want our patients to miss out on their treatment, which is why our Faith in Recovery program includes telehealth counseling services. Patients will be able to connect with their counselors online via Zoom, so they never miss a beat. 

In addition to patients in our mental health programs, those who are receiving dual diagnosis treatment will also have the opportunity to participate in our Faith in Recovery program. If you’re interested in how you or a loved one can take part in our faith-based counseling for mental health, contact Banyan today. 


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