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staten island ny drug and alcohol rehab clearbrook treatment centersSame story, different location. Like the rest of the United States, Staten Island, New York, is suffering from a major heroin epidemic. Every day, the borough is flooded with powerful batches of heroin. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, the heroin sold in Staten Island in late 2015 is up to 55 percent pure, at least six time purer than the heroin that was sold during the last epidemic in the 1970s and 1980s. It’s in the news every night, another drug bust, another seizure of heroin. And yet the drug continues to flood the streets.

Many addicts who got hooked by pain prescription medications are now turning to heroin for a cheap high. The heroin addict you may have in your mind is much different in real life. Nowadays, your next door neighbor, your brother, even your high school son can be a heroin addict. You need help and fast.

The drug and alcohol rehab Clearbrook Treatment Centers has been helping Staten Island, NY residents with their substance abuse issues for more than 40 years. Located in the heart of Northeastern Pennsylvania, only a couple of hours away, we provide a safe, medical detox and an intense 28-day inpatient program to anyone suffering from drug abuse and/or alcoholism. By leaving your home environment, you’ll be able to focus completely on your recovery and not have to worry about your daily life or any temptations you may face.

Our detox will provide you or your loved one with a safe method of withdrawal. Once detoxification is completed, you will receive a specialized plan that includes one-on-one counseling, group therapy sessions, relapse prevention, and family education programs. And once you’re ready to return to your life in Staten Island, we will make sure you have access to a number of aftercare programs to prevent the risk of relapse.

If you live in Staten Island, New York, and in need of a drug and alcohol rehab, don’t wait any longer. Contact the drug and alcohol treatment center at Clearbrook today and get the help that you need.

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