Sober Wilderness Canyon: Wilderness Addiction Treatment

When addiction strikes, many people lose themselves. The hustle and bustle of their everyday life becomes an environment filled with constant stress and numerous drug triggers. Their physical and mental health begins to suffer, and they can spiral out of control. In order for them to overcome their addiction successfully, they need to escape from this harmful environment and get away from it all. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, our Sober Wilderness Canyon is designed to do just that.

The Great Outdoors For Recovery

For many people, being in the great outdoors comes with a multitude of positives. Studies have shown that being in the wilderness can decrease stress, increase mental energy, fight depression, lower anxiety, improve focus, and boost the immune system.1 From not only improving mood but to actual physical health improvements, being outside can have enormous benefits for anyone. For someone just beginning addiction treatment for meth or another hard drug, these types of improvements can be especially important. Because an addict in recovery is probably feeling low, stressed, and their body is still recovering from the effects of the dangerous toxins that they were once dependent on, being outdoors can help alleviate some of these problems and set them up for a more successful recovery.

Our Wilderness Therapy for Addiction

Before our wilderness addiction treatment, the first step for most patients in the recovery process is a medical drug detox to remove the harmful substances from their bodies. The next step in the process will be to battle their dependence and work on comprehensive healing to promote long-term recovery. In order to set patients up for success, we believe in using a variety of therapies and programs.

Because our facilities are at the top of a Pennsylvania mountainside and offer a scenic view of the valley below, we take full advantage of what the surrounding environment has to offer. Not only does the scenery provide an enjoyable and relaxing environment for patients to reflect, but the surroundings also present a great opportunity to expose our patients to the many benefits of being outdoors.

Sober Canyon is a wilderness drug and alcohol treatment program that takes place within the 28-day primary stay during our residential addiction treatment in Pennsylvania. Patients aged 18-27 will have the opportunity to partake in this program. We will expose these patients to nature with a multitude of outdoor activities to aid in the recovery process. Not only will these activities promote good physical health as patients become more active, but we also hope that being in the woods will offer mental clarity for patients struggling during this time. Over time, patients can use the outdoors to recondition their minds and help them prepare to move forward with their lives, free from drugs or alcohol. Addiction recovery is not easy and can test patients in a variety of ways, but it is the hope of this program that patients will be able to heal their mind, body, and soul. Combined with more traditional treatment practices like individual counseling, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy, our wilderness addiction treatment gives patients their best chance of not just getting sober but staying sober.


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