Medical Director Al Janerich | Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Dr. Al Janerich

Medical Director

After becoming board certified in Physical Medicines and Rehabilitation in 1981, Dr. Al Janerich pursued further training in Chemical Dependency and Addictive Diseases. He has been board certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine since 1988 and serves as Medical Director of Clearbrook Treatment Centers.

Dr. Janerich can be seen at Clearbrook at any given moment.  Should a medical emergency arise, he is on call 24/7 to oversee the nursing department and ensure he proper steps that need to be taken.

Many times our patients come to us in less than perfect physical condition.  Many have disregarded their health and other ailments for years because of their addictions. But having Dr. Janerich to diagnose and effectively treat these issues is priceless.

Here is what one of our past patients said about Dr. Al Janerich:

I came to Clearbrook with not only addiction problems but I’m also diabetic and had done nothing about it for years.  I was afraid to tell the staff at first about that issue in fear of being taken out of treatment and put somewhere else.  When I met with Dr. Janerich he assured me that he and the nursing staff would take care of me in every medical way they are capable of.  Being able to meet with a doctor quickly after being admitted allowed me to stop worrying about my physical health and start focusing on the addictions that I had.