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Serenity is something we are always striving for. Some days it comes naturally. Other days we break a sweat trying to catch a glimpse of the feeling of tranquility and peace.

The more time we are working our 12-Step program, the easier it gets to acquire serenity on a daily basis. Yet, we are not perfect. We can never be perfect but when we look back to the past we see an obvious improvement. We used to feel crazy. We used to worry about yesterday, today and tomorrow. Our minds ran wild with fear, insecurity and worry. There was no shutting off our thoughts.

We do still get those feelings but after some time working the steps and helping others, we feel a little less crazy. Our minds are a little calmer. This is because we have learned how to be aware of our thoughts, fears, worries and insecurities. We can recognize them, thus making it easier to remember to just focus on today.

On a daily basis, we must remind ourselves that in order to achieve serenity we must accept the things we cannot change. We must be courageous enough to change the things we can. We must able to distinguish the difference.

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