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We have a question that some think has many answers: What’s really getting in the way of your sobriety? Are your reasons excuses or true obstacles? Are you ready for a change? At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we’re hopeful we can offer you a first step towards recovery.

Paul T. is an entertainment lawyer who represents some major box office stars. His clients don’t generally like to come into his office. Some prefer meeting over cocktails in hotel lobbies. Others invite Paul up to their rooms. It’s not only a matter of convenience.

When he first started interacting with his famous clients, Paul tried to limit his alcohol consumption. After a while, it became difficult. Some meetings became drinking feasts. When the situation provided the opportunity for discretion, Paul even did a few lines of coke. It didn’t seem like such a big deal.

At first, it was just a couple of lines and a few drinks. Paul justified his actions because they were important for client relations. He was sure he didn’t have addiction issues. He was wrong.

It wasn’t until one of Paul’s clients was arrested for drugs that Paul realized he was just making excuses. He narrowly missed being part of the drug bust. He could have been disbarred. It was then that Paul recognized his need for help. He went to treatment and is now sober through the help of a 12-step fellowship.

Is an Excuse or Obstacle Getting in the Way of Your Sobriety?

Paul isn’t the first person to have an excuse get in the way of his sobriety. Some people never try to get sober. They either deny addiction issues or think they are lost causes. There are others who get sober and fall off the wagon. They don’t realize that they are allowed second chances or as many as it takes to get sober.

At Clearbrook, we’re familiar with excuses and obstacles. Yours might even be on the list. Here’s just a few that we have heard in the past:

  • I don’t have a problem.
  • I can’t socialize unless I drink or do drugs.
  • I can’t help myself; I have a disease.
  • I am suffering from chronic pain and I can’t handle it without medication.
  • I am too young/too old to get sober.
  • I don’t have time to go to rehab. Someone has to work and pay the bills.
  • I can’t afford to go into a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.
  • I don’t know how to find substance abuse treatment programs.
  • Obviously I’m not meant to be sober. I’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work for me.
  • If I seek treatment, people will know I have addiction issues.

Contact Us

Do you see yourself in any of the excuses? Do you recognize your obstacles? Clearbrook can help you find the help you need. We’ll go over your fears and get you started on getting sober. Contact our experienced staff for the details.




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