In Drug Rehab

Drug Rehabilitation is actually a term used to describe a series of events and milestones in the recovery of alcohol and/or drug addiction. The very term can send shivers down the spines of drug addicts. They know that it is not just a matter of ridding the body of the effects of drugs, but learning to deal with life all over again. Although they may not understand every phase of rehabilitation, they realize it will be hard work.

Normally, some type of consultation is done before being admitted to rehabilitation. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule, but normally, the drug addict or a loved one has spoken to a counselor or drug addiction specialist. They should be highly congratulated and praised for their decision to become rehabilitated. It can be a very frightening concept to drug addicts. Even though their moods may darken during some of the phases of rehabilitation, support is always an added incentive for the addicts.

The first thing to expect from rehab is detoxification. It doesn’t matter if there is one addiction or perhaps a dual addiction, detoxification will be necessary. This is the process of ridding the body of the offending drug or drugs. This is done in a supportive and caring atmosphere where staff understands what the addict is going through. This process heals the physical side of drug addiction. However, since drug use affects people not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, these issues must be addressed as well.

After detoxification, rehabilitation takes the form of different types of therapy including individual and group therapy. This is important so the addicts can address their own issues, and yet see that there are others going through the same ordeal. It often helps to know you are not alone in these situations. The time length for this part of rehabilitation can vary, but it is not a slam dunk procedure. It takes time to work it all out. It can takes months of therapy just to begin to scratch the surface of the problem. The goal of rehabilitation is to help addicts to realize and accept their past behaviors and to learn how to form new behaviors.

There are some very frustrating times during rehabilitation but drug addicts must learn how to get through them without the use of drugs or alcohol. Drug Rehabilitation is the cornerstone to learning how to cope with stressful situations in the future. These frustrations are normal and expected by the rehabilitation staff. Addicts can and do make it successfully through rehab to go on to lead happy, healthy lives.

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