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Parents can help the situation improve by following certain steps. These are not difficult and do not require training or specialist skills. They need determination and common sense.

First you should never lay any blame. You may want to blame yourself or your partner or you may want to blame your child. Laying blame doesn’t help anyone. The teen drug addiction problem won’t be addressed or fixed if people are blaming one another.

Likewise with punishment, studies show it has little if any effect. It’s a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. Forget about punishment and concentrate on helping your child and discovering the cause of the problem.

Why is your teen involved with drugs? Experimentation is sometimes a starting point but often there is a serious underlying problem. Get help obviously but also try and discover what caused the problem in the first place.

Teen drug addiction is a serious mental and physical problem which a loving parent is most unlikely to cure. Professional medical help is required. Your family doctor will be able to help in a number of ways not the least being advising the best specialist help available. There are camps and treatment facilities for young people with drug problems. The programs are specifically designed to help troubled teens stop taking drugs and develop strategies and the self-confidence to live without drugs.

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