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For people looking to get their drug fix, anything becomes possible. They will go to great lengths to get high either through necessity or even boredom. While it may all seem comical from an outsider’s perspective, these new and unusual drug trends are far from something to laugh about. Whether you are a concerned parent or just a curious internet searcher, these strange drug trends are not to be taken lightly.

Strange Ways to Get High & Their Dangers

From serious health problems to substance use disorders, we know all too well that getting high from drugs in any form is unsafe. Our drug detox center in PA is looking at some of these weird ways to get high and unexpected dangers that you could be missing.


There are many weird ways to get high but boofing drugs or alcohol can be deadly. It involves putting these substances in your anus in order to get high. Although the effects are more immediate than some traditional forms of getting high, that is also part of the problem. Along with damage to the body in that area, people can easily overdose, especially when it comes to alcohol.

Vodka Tampons

Although not common, some people are believed to have tried vodka tampons in order to get drunk. The tampons are soaked in alcohol before being inserted into the body. Like boofing, vodka tampons lead to a fast high but also have a greater risk of overdose and alcohol poisoning. Because the alcohol is not in the stomach, the person is unable to vomit if too much alcohol is consumed.1


Huffing is the act of inhaling chemicals in order to get high. People will inhale everything from paint thinner to glue. Although it may seem silly or harmless, this is far from the truth. Along with long-lasting damage to a person’s health, this weird drug trend can be deadly even the first time. Because it is so fatal, it is important that the person who is engaging in this activity gets addiction counseling as soon as possible.

Vodka Eyeballing

Getting shampoo in your eye is painful enough but for some people, the stinging doesn’t stop there. There have been reports of people pouring alcohol in their eyes to try and get drunk faster. Besides the obvious discomfort, doing so can also lead to serious problems like corneal abrasions, infection, and even loss of vision in some cases.2

As a parent, it is important to understand these weird ways to get high and to look for signs of these activities in your young adult. If you suspect your child is engaging in these activities, try to get them help. Our drug rehab near Wilkes-Barre offers programs for various drugs and forms of substance abuse. Do not wait until problems get worse or become fatal.

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