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So you think you are too young to get sober? You have probably said to yourself at least once, “I’m not old enough to drink legally, why quit now?” or “how could I ever have fun again?” Sometimes we even convince ourselves that our alcohol and drug use is a temporary point in our lives, a mere phase that we will grow out of.

It is difficult for anyone to finally give up and ask for help, but it seems to be especially challenging for individuals under the age of 30. Again, between the lies we tell ourselves and the delusional world we live in, getting sober seems to be more than just unattainable, but mostly undesirable. You probably think anything “fun” in life can only be fully satisfied when drugs and alcohol are flowing through your body.

We are not a glum-lot. We do not get sober to be miserable. If that were the case, what would be the point? Sobriety is not simply putting down the drink or drug. It is about getting your life back and being able to enjoy every aspect of it sober. When you open the door to recovery, you also open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

It has been heard before from those who have achieved sobriety at a young age that they have grown up in recovery. It is where they learned to complete tasks that may be simple to the average person, but are utterly debilitating in concept to someone like us. Balancing a check book, finding a job, learning to cook, paying bills and paying them on time. All of these things that make someone an active member of society, are able to happen once you get sober.

And this is just the beginning. Things that seem to be beyond our wildest dreams, can and do come true. When we treat the disease on physical, mental and spiritual level, we are able to introduce ourselves to things we never thought possible. We return to old hobbies we once abandoned throughout our addiction. We create new hobbies we thought we would never be interested in. We get our families back and we build upon that family, through marriage and having children of our own. We feed our souls with love and laughter, rather than poison.

Alcoholics Anonymous is called a fellowship for a reason. It teaches us the importance of friendship. It is a place you are welcomed when every other bridge you had was burnt. A 12-step fellowship is a community, one which shares a common bond, and through that bond, a family is created.

Clearbrook has specifically designed a program targeted to the needs of patients between the ages of 18-27. Our Sober Canyon wilderness program helps the healing process of mind, body and spirit through experiential activities. From team-building exercises to any multitude of recreational activities, Sober Canyon teaches us how to have fun again. It shows us that we do not have to enter chemicals into our bodies to enjoy life.

If you are in your 20’s and are questioning if you have a drug or alcohol problem, chances are you do. You are never too young to ask for help. Contact our Admissions Specialists today and see what life is all about.




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