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The following represent a series of tips and things to consider before, during after an individual has engaged in a potential drug rehab program.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many times, individuals who are caught in the depths of drug addiction will not reach out to family and friends for help. Whether this is because of feelings of shame or the lack of an admission that they have a serious problem, many will not see the people who can help them the most are standing right in front of their eyes.

•Understand that detox is NOT recovery. Some detox programs will make big promises about the effectiveness of their detoxification programs. And while drug detox is a crucial element of addiction treatment, it only addresses the physical component of drug dependence. For most people drug addiction is a psychological condition that must be treated by the counseling that forms the core of a rehab program.

•Work with the program, not against it. Many recovering addicts going through drug rehab expend a tremendous amount of energy rebelling against the very program that is trying to help them. Individuals are encouraged to listen to the advice of their counselors and allow the program into their lives so that they may begin to heal.

•Open up to others in the program. Group therapy and community time during rehab is an outstanding way to remove the isolation caused by drug addiction and experience real breakthroughs. Listen to other recovering addicts tell their stories is an important way to come to the understanding that other people are going through like circumstances.

•Don’t get discouraged. Relapse is a common occurrence among those attempting to overcome drug addiction. And while it can be discouraging, it is important to stay healthy and get back into a drug rehab program as soon as possible for another attempt.

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