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When we walked into the rooms and heard people share their stories they enamored us. A lot of the stories we heard were so similar to ours. As a newcomer we would see people with 20 and 30 years and it brought up a lot of questions for us.

What has worked for them for the past 30 years? How did they change their lives? How are they so happy? We envied them. We wanted to be like them but we didn’t know how.

We kept going to meetings, we got a sponsor and we started working the 12 Steps and we began to understand. We realized that no matter how much time we have in the program, the work never changes. These things are what work whether you’re a newcomer or have 30 years sober. These people we see in the rooms with decades of sobriety is because they go to meetings, work the Steps and help others.

Recovery is timeless. It is something we as alcoholics and addicts must do no matter our time in the program. Whether we have 90 days or 20 years, if we stop working the program, we will not be successful.

In order to change our lives for the better, our commitment to the program must stay solid for the rest of our lives. If it does, we will be successful every day of our lives.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the guidance and support I have in my life. Today I will seek guidance in the handling of my affairs. I pray that I continue to rely on the guidance and support of others.

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