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The first three steps of the AA/NA program is the base of our recovery from alcohol and drugs. In the first step we have to concede to our innermost selves that we can not use alcohol and drugs in any form at all. The second half of the step tells us that while using drugs and alcohol that our lives are unmanageable. If our lives can’t be managed by us then we have to find something else to manage it.

That is where the second step flows right in. When we look around the rooms, we see hundreds of people that have changed their lives. These people have come to believe that a power greater than themselves could restore them to sanity. The only thing this step asks is that power not be ourselves.

In the third step we turn our lives over to that power. That sometimes brings on a little confusion. The easiest way of knowing if we have gone through the third step is by asking ourselves if we are ready to continue on with the other nine steps. If we can we have gone through the step.

The twelve step programs are practiced as a way of life. With that said, we need to do these things on a day to day basis. When you do, your life improves dramatically.

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