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Alcoholism is a disease. It is a fatal disease. At Clearbrook we are faced with the fatal nature of this every day. Getting sober is not easy, but staying sober can be. Once we come to the honest fact that we want to get sober because it is going to save our life, we can begin to crawl out of denial.

Some people want to get sober for their job, the courts, to have their families back. These are not necessarily bad reasons, but the greatest reason to get sober is to not allow this disease to kill us. Most people when they achieve sobriety often get back the things they lost. The one thing we can never get back is our life. If the disease kills us, we can’t start over.

This is a scary thought and not easy to write about. It is the truth though. Happiness comes out of this when we see the people come in broken and get “fixed”.

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