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The “Drug Personality”

There is such a thing as a “drug personality.” It is artificial and is created by drugs. Drugs can change the attitude of a person from their original personality to one secretly harboring hostilities and hatreds they do not permit to show on the surface.

A person with a drug personality Pennsylvania may:

■Have mood swings
■Be unreliable
■Be unable to finish projects
■Have unexpressed resentment and secret hatreds
■Be dishonest and lie to family, friends and employers
■Isolate themselves and withdraw from those who love him
■Appear chronically depressed
■Begin stealing from family and friends

Craving is an extremely powerful urge and can cause a person to create all kinds of “reasons” they should continue using drugs or alcohol, even once they try to quit. The person is now trapped in the endless cycle of addiction Pennsylvania: trying to quit, craving, fear of withdrawal, relapse.

Treatment Focused on Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Traditional alcohol and drug addiction treatment Pennsylvania focuses mainly on spiritual talk therapy, while the disease’s underlying physiology is never addressed. Modern, more effective treatments focus on correcting the neurological imbalances caused by substance dependence; those imbalances are the direct cause of cravings and withdrawal symptoms which, if left untreated, lead directly to relapse. This new approach, along with nutritional supplements and aftercare psychosocial counseling empowers the patient with the ability to stay on the road to recovery.

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