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There is a distinct life cycle of addiction. At its roots, is a person experiencing emotional or physical pain. Perhaps they have had a death in the family, a romantic rejection or a debilitating injury that causes chronic pain.

This individual is basically a good person who has trouble dealing with the difficulty they are experiencing. He or she may be unable to resolve or confront the problem, and see their present situation as hopeless and unendurable.

While everyone has experienced similar situations like this from time to time, the difference between addicts and non-addicts is that addicts turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to resolve their problems or discomfort.

Drug and Alcohol Experimentation can Trigger the Cycle of Addition Pennsylvania

In order to alleviate emotional or physical pain, the person experiments with drugs or alcohol. On the surface, the substances seem to work because the person feels better. The drugs or alcohol are now valuable to the person, because initially, their painkilling effects have helped him or her cope with uncomfortable issues. This pain release seems like the ideal cure for unwanted feelings so the person uses drugs or alcohol a second time, a third time, and so on.

Eventually, the person becomes fully addicted to drugs or alcohol Pennsylvania, gradually increasing usage in order to continue recreating their euphoric effects. The person loses control and is trapped. The person’s original problems are forgotten. All the person is concerned with now is satiating getting more drugs or alcohol. They are completely entrenched in the cycle of addiction and are unable, at this point, to see the untold health and emotional consequences.

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