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Signs of drug addiction

Is someone in your life that you care about and love having a problem with drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction?  If you have approached the person you suspect of using, they probably told you that they don’t have a problem and that they are ok.  Addiction is such a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease that it doesn’t want to be interrupted by someone or something else.

Below we outlined a few of the warning signs and the different behaviors that you should be looking out for.

Isolating From People

  • Addiction is a lonely disease. We believe one of the ultimate goals of addiction is to get the person suffering alone.  When that happens the disease governs everything in the person’s life.  Many times you will see the person using not showing up for family functions.  Often times they don’t answer their phones and email.

Lying/Keeping Secrets

  • When someone is in active addiction they do things that are very abnormal.  They also don’t want anyone to find out the things they do.  They are very secretive and have to lie about almost everything so that they can continue to use.

Abandon Hobbies/Interests

  • Everyone has their hobbies and things they do to enjoy life. Whether it is golf, hunting and fishing, or spending time with family, addiction usually robs the person of doing those things.  That is how powerful of a disease it is.  Sometimes for financial reasons people don’t do what they like to do.  Most times it is because they totally lose interest in anything except for drinking and drugging.

Money Problems

  • The life of a drug addict and an alcoholic is a very expensive one. When there are narcotics involved it can be even more severe.  You will notice that people sometimes don’t even open their mail because they don’t want to see how much any one particular bill is.  That’s because they can’t pay them.  They use all their money to fund their habit.  You hear all the time from addicts/alcoholics that they would get paid on Friday and be out of money by Sunday.  That also puts people in desperate situations and they began to steal things.

Outward Appearance Changes

  • This can be a very long list. There are so many signs and symptoms of addiction from a physical standpoint.  Many people have drastic weight changes.  People’s skin can take on different shades depending on what substances they are using.  Track marks or injection points can be seen on the arms and legs of IV drug users.  If you notice any of the above issues with someone, coupled with major physical changes, the chances are that this person is suffering from addiction.If someone in your life is having a problem with drugs and alcohol it is usually very apparent.

That is what we are here for.  We will help you try to reach out to the person that is using and get them into our PA drug rehab.   The vast majority of times when someone’s life is falling apart due to drugs and alcohol it takes professional help for them to stop.  We are available 24/7 for questions and concerns about getting that person the help they need.



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