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“In the Shadow of Death: Jason’s Journey” captures what it really means to be struggling with drug addiction. Jason Amaral, 30-year old Massachusetts native, allows CBS to get a closer look into the life and daily struggles of a heroin addict.

Like thousands of stories before, Jason’s may sound familiar to you. Once a charismatic kid with a bright future, Jason falls into the cycle of addiction through what else? – The experimentation with prescription pills. Although brought up in a loving, caring home, both Jason and his younger brother began to spiral after the death of their mother, when Jason was only 11 years old.

In the first episode, Jason, who has struggled with addiction and sobriety for more than a decade now, is followed through the streets of Boston, while he searches out drugs one last time. His day begins with the use of Klonopin, something he hopes will ease his “dope-sickness”, and ends with a combination of heroin and fentanyl. All the while, he is begging family for money and pleading with his brother to stay in detox.

With the help of his friend, who is also a recovering addict, Jason enters rehab for his drug addiction in the second episode.  Although he seems physically uncomfortable, Amaral appears willing to face the challenges of early recovery.

The purpose of the multi-part series is evident. With the current opiate crisis on our hands, America is finally beginning to realize this is no longer something that is subjected to one area or class. Much like Jason, a heroin addict could be your neighbor, your co-worker, or even your son. Addiction does not care where you grew up or how much money you make. If it grabs a hold of you, it will strip you of everything. Your home, your loved ones, your character, and eventually, your life. These segments give a name to the statistic. They give a face to all of those we’ve lost.

Here at Clearbrook, we understand what it is to suffer, but we have also found a way out. We know it can be very difficult to take that first step and ask for help. Nevertheless, we urge you to walk through that fear and give us a call. For over 40 years, Clearbrook has helped a countless number of people find their way out of the darkness and achieve sobriety. If you are struggling with drug addiction, please call our Admissions Specialists, who are available 24-hours a day.




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