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This September, celebrate the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Recovery Month. Held every year, this year marks the 31st anniversary of the first National Recovery Month.


The purpose of this month is meant to raise awareness about mental health and substance abuse treatment as well as to remind people that addiction and mental illness are illnesses that can be overcome. It is also a time to celebrate those who are successfully in recovery and now able to lead happier and healthier lives because of it. Throughout the years, this month of observance continues to educate millions of Americans about addiction and mental health problems while also lowering the stigma surrounding these issues. Recovery Month also helps to promote new evidence-based practices and therapies that could aid in the recovery process in the future and help thousands more get the treatment they need.


How to Observe National Recovery Month

2020 has been an unusual year filled with hurdles and unprecedented obstacles but that does not mean there is nothing worth celebrating. If you are in recovery from substance abuse, a mental health problem, or both, take the time to celebrate National Recovery Month and your own recovery journey. As an inpatient detox center in PA, we know that overcoming a substance use disorder is challenging and sobriety is a choice you need to make every day. Whether you are one month sober or ten years in recovery, use this month to celebrate your sobriety and getting this far.


This year, observe National Recovery Month 2020 by:


  • Sharing your recovery story with others whether in person or through social media channels
  • Reflecting on the progress you’ve made since your recovery began
  • Brushing up on your relapse prevention strategies
  • Speaking out against stereotypes and misconceptions about addiction and mental health
  • Thanking loved ones who supported your recovery efforts and has been by your side
  • Talking to someone in need about getting treatment and help
  • Offering your free time to volunteer at a substance abuse or mental health clinic
  • Donating money to organizations that are focused on raising awareness on addiction and mental illness or increasing access to care


At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we will be proudly observing National Recovery Month 2020 and encourage our former patients in our rehab alumni program to share their stories and get involved. Your story of recovery could provide someone with the motivation they need to finally get help for themself.


If you have yet to take that first step to recovery or have a loved one who needs help, we might be able to help. Contact us today at 570-536-9621 to learn more.

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