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Our lives have not been filled with success and a lot of high points before we got sober. Then we get sober and things begin to change. Our families structure begins to get repaired, our ability to earn a living comes, and we have friends in our lives. What happens though, and this happens to everyone, is we morbidly reflect on the past. We beat ourselves up for the things we did. Then we feel bad for ourselves sometimes. That is when this becomes dangerous for people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. This is when the mind begins to work on us. We may not be thinking about drinking but the disease comes disguised in all kinds of forms. It tells us we are no good no matter what changes we have made in our lives. What it is really doing in a nutshell is blocking any spiritual growth.

What is the answer to this recurring problem you might ask? The answer is simple and yet so rewarding. Go help someone else. Help someone that is less fortunate than you are. When we do that we climb out of the hole of self pity and see how good we have it. We are miracles. Remember that and life takes a new meaning.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful to know who and what I am. Today I will appreciate myself as I am. I pray that my life is made clear to me as I work the Steps.

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