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Relapse into the disease of alcoholism is not a requirement in getting and staying sober. We do hear many stories of people going back out and drinking and using again. Some of these people have many different reasons as to why this happened. They will tell you that they stopped going to meetings, had no higher power, hung out with old friends. This list can go on and on and on. The most important part of sobriety is to not take the first one. You cannot get drunk if you don’t take the first one.

There is no guarantee that we will get back to a treatment center or the rooms of AA/NA. We may kill ourselves before that happens or we may go to jail before that happens. This is not a fun subject to write about but it is necessary. We pray that all of you who read this stay sober and stay sober for a long time. That can’t happen if you pick up though. If you don’t pick up, your life will get so much better.

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