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Banyan Treatment Centers has signed a letter of intent to engage in discussions about the possible purchase of Clearbrook Manor, a drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Laurel Run, PA.

Should discussions advance to an agreement of sale, Banyan will continue to operate Clearbrook Manor as a treatment center to meet the ever increasing needs of those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and their families.

“Banyan chose to investigate acquiring Clearbrook Manor because it is a reputable facility, well-staffed, well-equipped and has always operated appropriately,“ states Eric Oakes, Chief Operations Officer.

In addition to a philosophical alignment with Clearbrook’s abstinence-based treatment model, Banyan Treatment Centers’ executive management team recognizes the value of Clearbrook employees and their experience and dedication to helping patients who are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse issues. To date, we have assured Clearbrook’s executive management team and all department heads that each and every employee will be retained should Banyan assume ownership.

“It is our intention to continue Clearbrook’s long standing tradition of serving those in need in the local community. We will continue to treat patients who require county funding and medical assistance,” states Joseph Tuttle, Founder and CEO.

Should an agreement of sale be reached between Banyan Treatment Centers and Clearbrook, Inc., the new center will operate as a for-profit business, thus contributing appropriate tax revenues to the community. Protocol requires that the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office review the sale in order to protect public interest due to Clearbrook, Inc.’s nonprofit status. That review will take approximately 90 days.

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