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The world of addiction treatment is not what it once was. Overnight, the industry went from saving lives to cut-throat, back-door deals led by elaborate marketing schemes and empty promises. As our drug crisis grew to outstanding proportions, crooked business owners saw a way to get rich off of others’ suffering, creating a modality of drug treatment that has proven to be deadly. We now live in a world, where quality providers fight to keep their good name and reputation, and addicts and their families play a game of Russian roulette. Rather than being the safe haven it once was, families now fear sending their child to drug rehab.

We’ve all seen the articles and watched the news segments, these pop-up treatment centers are now making national headway. While some lawmakers are slow to catch the point, other states have begun cracking down on the corruption. Facilities in Florida, Arizona, and California have been shut down, and their providers have been indicted on charges, including kickback schemes, insurance fraud, and even more disturbing, prostitution. Nevertheless, it is only the beginning to a very long overhaul of ineffective, “quick fix” providers who place profit ahead of life-saving treatment.

The Treatment Model That Kills

This past February we featured a story regarding a Florida rehab owner by the name of Kenneth Chatman. Chatman, owner and operator of Journey to Recovery and Reflections Treatment Center, along with many other sober homes, is a prime example as to just how deadly this business model really is. In January, he was indicted on major counts of money laundering, healthcare fraud, and sex trafficking, all of which he pleaded guilty to last month. Chatman is said to serve 27 years in prison for his crimes, but the story doesn’t end there.

While he may be paying for his crimes behind bars, parents of young addicts are left with the residual mark of his practices. Mikaya Feucht of Columbus, Ohio was a young mother and struggling addict who ultimately wanted to find sobriety. Last year, she sought refuge in South Florida, admitting herself to one of Chatman’s facilities, and eventually moving on to his Reflections sober home. In July, she was found dead in a motel room from a drug overdose. Mikaya’s mother, Michelle Curan, is just one of many mothers who is struggling to many sense of this all. Their children were sent to Florida to get sober, but instead wound up becoming collateral damage.

Curan tells the Dayton Daily News, “He (Chatman) is indirectly responsible for her death because he never provided the treatment he should have been giving her all along. So therefore, she was not given the resources to recover. Mikaya wasn’t worth anything to him sober. He saw dollar signs because she had good insurance. The longer he could keep her high and the more times she relapsed, the more money he made.” She goes on to mention that Chatman billed her daughter’s insurance for an upwards of $608,000.

The disturbing reality of this man’s actions are best described in Curan’s words, “Even though Kenny Chatman is in prison, he will still get to see his children. My daughter won’t see her children ever again.”

Recognizing This Model Of Treatment
Treatment | Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Steering away from the traditional rehab setting, pop-up treatment providers entice the patient with extravagant amenities and beautiful scenery. They promise the addict the opportunity to receive treatment while residing in a “home-like” atmosphere, showcasing a less-restrictive environment and overall comfortable setting. For someone who is already terrified to leave their home, a center such as this becomes easily more appealing, versus a rehab whose focus is primarily on treatment.

Nevertheless, when they arrive at the facility, they are usually shocked by what they find. The beautiful homes that were featured on the website are actually rundown, foreclosed mansions, and those in charge have little to no qualifications in treating addiction. More often than not, “house managers” are newly sober themselves. And, as for clinical care, it usually entails carting residents back and forth to a shady office space on the other side of town, where they are drug tested more than they are actually treated.

Choosing the best drug and alcohol rehab is already a difficult and confusing task. Now consider the added pressure of attempting to muddle through and determine the difference between quality treatment centers versus the “spin-dry,” for-profit models. Determining where to seek help has become a guessing game, when in all reality, choosing wrong can mean life or death for the addict.

We Are More Than A Rehab, We Are Family

For 45 years, Clearbrook Treatment Centers has been saving lives the way it works. Showcasing amenities is not our top priority, as comfort and added bonuses do not determine success. By offering a model of treatment, where our patients ALWAYS come first, we witness the miracle of recovery every day. From the moment a patient walks through our doors, they are met with dignity, respect, and compassion. We understand the pain and hopelessness of addiction, as many of our dedicated staff have been where you are. Thus, it is our sole mission to provide you or your loved one with the individualized care that you deserve.

We do not believe in “quick fixes” or “spin-dries.” Our experience tells us that recovery is not an overnight feat, but rather a complete lifestyle change. Therefore, when you come to us for treatment, we will provide you with ALL of the necessary tools for lasting sobriety. From a complete medical detox, which is supervised by our licensed physicians, to a customized treatment program designed by our certified addictions professionals, you will have a well-rounded experience during your stay with us. It is our goal to address all physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects to your disease, to better equip you for the days ahead.

And lastly, before you leave and venture out into the world, our clinical, medical, and administrative staff will work closely together to construct an aftercare plan that best suits your needs. Through establishing long-lasting relationships with other qualified providers, in which we have personally vetted, our patients have the opportunity to experience a full continuum of care. Furthermore, by having an “open-door” policy and maintaining our relationships with them, our alumni know they will always have a place to turn in time of need. Rather than a “home-like” atmosphere that so many facilities claim to provide, once you come to Clearbrook, you truly become FAMILY.

Contact Clearbrook Today

With 45 years of experience in treating addictive disorders, our patients have the ability to recover in safe and peaceful environment. Unlike many fraudulent centers today, Clearbrook puts its patients and their families first, by providing drug and alcohol treatment that works!

We understand if you are afraid to reach out for help. Nevertheless, if you take a chance and call us today, you will surely see that we are only interested in offering you a solution and guiding you toward recovery. Here, you will be treated as a person, not a number. Please, if you are caught in the grips of addiction, contact our Admissions Specialists now. They are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have and discuss your options.




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