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The explanation of the dangers associated with abusing prescription pills and buying them on the street, should be irrelevant.

Nevertheless, some addicts are under the assumption that it is safer to buy pills versus heroin, arguing that pills do not have the potential to be laced with anything else.

But what if we told you that the pills you are purchasing have the potential to be counterfeit?  If we said that counterfeit prescription pills are popping up on the black market and are laced with Fentanyl, would you rethink the notion that they are safer?

DEA Reports that Counterfeit Drugs are Laced with Fentanyl

The name Fentanyl may ring a bell to you.  We’ve written about the number of deaths associated with heroin laced with Fentanyl.

Not sure what Fentanyl is and why you should be concerned?  The fact that it is fifty times more potent than heroin is pretty alarming.

According to the DEA, the number of counterfeit pills found on the streets is extreme.

They estimate the amount to be in the hundreds of thousands.  Your risk of using one of these substances is pretty high.

Reports show that most of these drugs are smuggled in through Mexico and Canada.  However, there is evidence that a great number are actually manufactured in China.

It’s hard for the average user to distinguish between prescription pills made from traditional drug companies and the fake ones, because most are taking on the form of certain opioids and benzos.

A recent article featured a San Francisco doctor who warned that counterfeit Norco is out on the streets and can be deadly.  Norco is a traditional opioid medication used to treat pain.

Why are they so dangerous?  One answer.  Potency.  It takes only a small amount for Fentanyl laced drugs to cause overdose.

Obviously, the use of any illicit drug can cause serious consequences, but the likelihood of overdoses increases when a person does not really know what they are using.

78 people die every day from opioid drug overdoses. Counterfeit prescription pills are sure to only add to that number; something our society simply cannot afford.

Know that there is another option. Know that recovery is possible if you want it.

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At Clearbrook, our mission is to offer assistance for those confronted with addiction issues.

We are fully staffed with medical and clinical professionals who understand the problems associated with this addiction and can offer professional prescription pill addiction treatment.

Whether your abuse of prescription pills started in a doctor’s office or on the street, you need help. Please reach out before it is too late. A simple phone call can be the start to a new life.

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