In Prescription Drug Abuse

A common mistake made by many individuals and families seeking drug and alcohol rehabs for themselves or a loved one is believing that “rehab is rehab” and that the main differences are only in the cost, location and setting.

However, those are actually only of secondary importance compared to what type of treatments are offered and what rehabilitation philosophies are followed by the facilities.

For example, one major difference is whether the drug rehab centers believe that addiction is an incurable brain disease or if they can demonstrate that people can actually become permanently cured with no further relapse or symptoms of the addiction.

Another difference is if they prescribe drugs to patients or if they use healthier alternatives to address the symptoms often associated with addiction. Many medications given in treatment centers today either have heavy side effects or potentially cause relapse because of their abuse potential themselves. After all, prescription drug addiction is one of the biggest problems in America today.

So, before you choose a drug rehab program based on cost or location alone, call us to speak with someone who can go over all of your options so that you can make an educated decision.

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