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Patience is not a word that is practiced with complete ease when we first get sober. Things are changing but our disease wants to tell us that it is not changing fast enough for us. That is the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction talking. That is how our disease wants to sabotage us into giving up sobriety and start using again. Some things that have helped people is to know that a lot of what the mind tells us as addicts is not true. We can look in mirrors today and know that the lies of the mind are just that, they are lies.

We can always rely on the programs of AA/NA for the mental part of this disease. When negative thoughts creep in we can go to our friends who can look at our lives from an objective point of view. Things did not get better for the majority of the people in the rooms by mistake or coincedence. They have worked the steps of the program and achieved a degree of happiness beyond what they thought possible. We believe this is available to all. We need only patience and the faith that it will work.

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