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Deciding to surrender to the disease of alcoholism/drug addiction is a very difficult thing to do. Many of us have felt like we don’t know how to live without any kind of mood-altering chemicals in our lives because that’s the only thing we’ve known for so long. But we quickly see, when we enter the rooms, that there is hope and we can live a happy life.

When we first came to A.A./N.A. we saw a lot of people around us who were happy and laughing and enjoying themselves. We immediately decided we wanted what they have. In order to get happy and free we must learn to have a sense of humor about life. So many of ourselves take life too seriously. This life is such a blessing and finding humor in things makes it easier for us to not sweat the small stuff.

So, when we face times that things are exactly easy or we are struggling, we must find something that will make us laugh. Because it is very true…Laughter is the best medicine.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the warmth of sunshine on my face. Today I will seek the warmth of the sun to fill my being. I pray that the warmth I feel now remains with me.

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    I found that I actually grew the most when I found I could have a good laugh at myself and not be so serious about my problems. I think its like a lot of other things. Take a bully if you will, he may never touch you but can control you by your feer alone and the more you feer him the more power you give him over your life. So even though you don’t want to or mean to we are actually setting ourselves up for failure in love, in life, at work and with our own sobriety by giving in to assumptions or based on what has happened long ago. The best bet is to just give each new thing its oun value based on what is now and not on what once was. Just don’t forget the lessons learned from the past and that’s where a good sense of humor comes in to play. Think of it. How many things can you remember that you did that were dum as hell, that you can laugh at now? and did you do it again? probably not, but the important thing is that you didn’t let it hurt you and continue to affect your day to day life other than you learned what not to do. So if you can keep a good sense of humor in your life you can “not only” salvage your oun frame of mind from anything but, it becomes contagious and you help others to do the same…. Example … on a personal level .. I have an itch that is most uncomfortable and very annoying and has come and gon for a long time it has made me so embarrassed at times that it had made me overly angry and have lost sleep over an itch that woke me up and that upset me horribly and just couldn’t go back to sleep!!! That was until I found ” Monkey Butt ” I read the container laughing hysterically, im sure the store people had the funny farm truck on its way !! Now every time i need it, I go to the powder shaker and smile remembering my oun suffering and how I was saved by monkey butt. So where ever I go my monkey but is “close behind” and with that my problem was solved and I found a smile. I hope you did to from my story and understand its deeper meaning. Now my monkey butt has other things to do, thanks for reading… 🙂 <—– pass it on, what could it hurt? Ed.A

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