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Rehab centers utilize a variety of addiction treatment approaches. Many models for addiction treatment were founded in the early to mid-1900s and have been continuously modified to suit the needs of today’s rehab patients. The Minnesota Model of addiction treatment is another model that rehab centers like Clearbrook Massachusetts have based their rehab programs on. We’re sharing some insight on the Minnesota Model and how we incorporate it at our rehab facility. 

What Is The Minnesota Model?

The Minnesota Model of treatment is commonly referred to as the abstinence model. This program branched out of the original 12-Step Program developed by Alcoholic Anonymous in the 1950s. The purpose of this model is to expand the 12-Step Program and addiction treatment to include professionals like doctors and psychiatrists. In the early days of the Minnesota Model treatment approach, each form of substance abuse treatment was uniquely designed based on the person’s concerns. The family of the addict was also included in treatment and was asked to be active in their recovery. The Minnesota Model incorporated inpatient treatment for at least 28 days and daily treatment as required. This approach to substance abuse treatment also adhered to the 12-Step Program both during and after the person completed their rehab program. 

This Minnesota Model of patient treatment for addiction marked a significant shift in how substance abuse disorders were viewed and treated. The model represents a social reform movement regarding the conditions of addiction treatment. It sparked a change in the approaches to treating substance abuse disorders, starting with alcoholism. Today, it has expanded to cover a multitude of addictions. 

Benefits of the Minnesota Model

Because the Minnesota Model of addiction treatment is based on the 12-Step Program, it incorporates a lot of group therapy. The major focus of the Minnesota Model is to offer education and treatment for addiction while building peer support. Addiction is also psychological, so it’s important to have a support system you can lean on during addiction recovery. In group settings, patients usually discuss their experiences with addiction and addiction triggers as well as overcome denial, receive support from other members, receive addiction counseling, and offer their assistance to others. The Minnesota Model also includes individualized treatment for each patient to ensure that everyone gets the help they need. For instance, Narcotics Anonymous may also be included in the model. Benefits like peer support, counselor support, therapies, activities, and step-by-step treatment are all included in the Minnesota Model. 

Components of the Minnesota Model of Addiction Treatment 

The individual components of the Minnesota Model approach may vary depending on the person; however, there is a basic structure that the program follows. Having an organized, but adaptable, addiction treatment method is important when treating people with different types of substance abuse disorders. The components of the Minnesota Model include: 


The first step in most addiction treatments is medically monitored detox. Detox is led by medical personnel who are licensed and trained to administer medication and other treatments to help mitigate the dangers of withdrawal symptoms. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers Massachusetts, we offer a medical detox that safely gets patients through the withdrawal period of their recovery. 

Focus On Psychological Dependence

The Minnesota Model of addiction treatment also focuses on the psychological aspect of addiction. Dependence has as much to do with the mind as it does with the body. As one of the best rehabs in MA, Clearbrook Massachusetts also takes this approach seriously. 

Group Meetings

Group therapy is another primary focus of the Minnesota Model of substance abuse treatment. Having a solid support system is crucial to addiction recovery; this model also requires group sessions as a way to create a community in which patients can assist each other. 


Education on addiction is also included in this approach to addiction treatment. Despite having an addiction, many addicts don’t understand the details of this disease. By offering a wider understanding of the subject, patients can be better prepared for recovery. 


Addiction is not one-sided and many patients require additional treatment services. The Minnesota Model also offers referrals to any additional services that aren’t offered at the rehab center that the patient may require.

The Minnesota Model at Clearbrook

There are a variety of drug rehabs in the United States, but not all of them offer treatment based on this model. Luckily, Clearbrook Treatment Centers Massachusetts does offer addiction treatment based on the Minnesota Model. Our alcohol and drug treatment programs follow the basic structure of the Minnesota Model, ensuring that each patient gets the help they need. Clearbrook Treatment Centers Pennsylvania also offers addiction services based on the Minnesota Model. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we’re here to help. Call our rehab in Massachusetts today at 570-536-9621.

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